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Many people still confuse about how much green tea that should be taken everyday to overcome their health benefit for us. Does a cup of green tea is enough? Or may be we need to take more? this articles is explaining about how much cups of green tea should we drink to get its beneficial effects. 

There are no side effects of drinking green tea. The only problem that might cause to our health will occur if green tea is taken over the daily recommended levels. Experts recommend at least 3 cups of green tea per day to effectively lose weight. Taking over 6 cups a day can cause palpitations (when you can hear your heart beating or irregular heart beating) due to caffeine overdose. 

The average cup of green tea contains anywhere from 8 to 20 mg of caffeine, while black tea contains at least twice that amount -- 40 to 60 mg. Soda contains between 40 to 60 mg and a cup of drip coffee has a nerve-jangling 90 to 150 mg, more than half the amount of caffeine that some people should consume in a whole day. Overdose (quantities more than 300 mg caffeine, more than 5 cups/day) can lead to negative effect on the CNS and irritation of the stomach. 

Most of the research showing the health benefits of green tea is based on the amount of green tea typically consumed in Asian countries-about 3 cups per day (which would provide 240-320 mg of polyphenols. A cup (200 mL) of green tea (Gun Powder, Hangzhou, China) contains about 142 mg EGCG, 65 mg EGC, 28 mg ECG, 17 mg EC, and 76 mg caffeine. 

Recent studies on 1003 subjects over age 70, comparing their green tea intake and mental sharpness, using a Mini-Mental State Examination, a well-accepted standardized test for measuring cognitive function. Drinking more than 2 cups a day of green tea slashed odds of cognitive impairment in elderly Japanese men and women by 64%! And a Japanese cup of green tea is much smaller than its American counterpart-only about 3.2 fluid ounces. 

And at every level of cognitive impairment-from minimal to severe-those drinking the most green tea experienced significantly less mental decline than those drinking the least. Compared with elderly Japanese who drank less than 3 cups a week, those drinking more than 2 cups a day had a 54% lower risk of age-related declines in memory, orientation ability to follow commands and attention. Those drinking 4 to 6 cups of green tea a week (1 cup a day) had a 38 lower risk of declines in brain function

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